So for something like this, we ask for R1700 incl vat per hour for the use of the cinema room.

If you wish to be doing karaoke for longer than 2 hours, let us know. Depending on the time we’re doing this, we can then try work out a better rate. 

So for a karaoke party, all that we ask you to bring is a laptop. We then connect your laptop to our PA and projector and let you guys sing away inside your own private theatre! 

We have ourselves one chorded mic and a fibre internet connection, and have realised that Youtube has the largest collection of karaoke versions of all your favourite songs. So this has worked well in the past for all our previous karaoke parties.

We are only charging you for your time in the cinema. We are happy everyone to enjoy the rest of the venue for as long as you want before and after your time in the cinema at no extra cost provided you are eating and drinking with us.

When it comes to catering, we specialise in pizza here at The Bioscope. See our menus here!

How does this sound? Send us an email at info@thebioscope.co.za to book your karaoke party now!