The Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG), the Embassy of France in South Africa and the French Institute of SA are pleased to present The Art of Comics, an exciting new exhibition that showcases the fascinating worlds of South African comics and French bandes dessinées, the famous French comic style.

The Bioscope is proud to partner with the Art of Comics team to present a special selection of free screenings of famous french comic book and graphic novel film adaptations. Screenings will happen every Sunday at 2pm from 13 oct – 17 Nov, and best enjoyed after a visit to the exhibition at the nearby Johannesburg Art Gallery.

The Art of Comics, taking place from 19 September until 17 November 2019 at  JAG, will offer visitors a rich variety of contemporary South African comics and graphic novels that explore themes related to history, folklore, science fiction, autobiography and new developments in the field, such as augmented reality comics.




Sunday 13 October 2pm. Lulu in the Nude (Lulu femme nue) BOOK NOW

Dir. Sólveig Anspach. Comedy/Drama/Romance || 1h24m

Following a botched job interview, Lulu decides not to return home, leaving her husband and their three children in the lurch. She premeditated nothing; it all happened quite simply. She steals a few days of freedom for herself, alone, on the coast with no other purpose in mind than to take full advantage of the moment, without feeling guilty about it. On the way, she crosses paths with a variety of people who, like herself, are at the edge of the world: a strange guy protected by his brothers; an old woman who is bored to death; a female employee hassled by her female boss. Three decisive encounters that will help Lulu rediscover an old acquaintance she’s not seen for years: herself.


Sunday 20 October 2pm. Tamara BOOK NOW

Dir. Alexandre Castagnetti. Comedy/Romance || 1h43m

Tamara is overweight and unpopular at school. She and her friend take a bet they will make a Play for the first and second boy to enter the classroom . But how can podgy Tamara net her man? A spiteful slim girl in the class rivals her for the affection of the boy, Diego, Tamara’s mum has a boyfriend who brings with him his small daughter, Tamara and the daughter have to share a bedroom. But they become allies and the little girl helps Tamara in her quest…


Sunday 27 October 2pm. Un Homme est Mort BOOK NOW

Dir. Olivier Cossu. Animation/Drama || 1h6m

In post-world war 2 France, the reconstruction effort leads to over exploitation of the working class. Labor unions demand better working conditions and decent salaries. During a demonstration in Brest, the police shoots at the crowd. Edouard Mazé is killed. A filmmaker, René Vautier, films the workers on strike, and Edouard’s funeral. The film is shown to the workers across the region, accompanied by a poem by Paul Eluard, A Man Is Dead.


Sunday 3 November 2pm. Rosalie Blum BOOK NOW

Dir. Julien Rappeneau. Comedy || 1h35m

Vincent Machot knows his life by heart. He shares between his hairdressing salon, his cousin, his cat, and his too invasive mother. But life sometimes surprises even the most cautious – He meets up with Rosalie Blum, a mysterious and lonely woman, he is convinced to have already met her. But where? Intrigued, he decides to follow her everywhere, hoping to learn more. He did not suspect that this spinning takes him on an adventure full of surprises, where he will discover fantastic characters as endearing. One thing is certain: Vincent Machot’s life will change.


Sunday 10 November 2pm. Polina (Polina, danser sa vie) BOOK NOW

Dir.  Valérie Müller, Angelin Preljocaj Drama || 1h48m

A young girl studies classical ballet. As a young woman she turns to modern dance and choreography.


Sunday 17 November 2pm. Adama BOOK NOW

Dir.  Simon Rouby. Animation/Adventure/Drama  || 1h22m

12 year-­old Adama lives in a remote village in West Africa, sheltered by the Cliffs. Out, beyond, lies “the land of breaths”, the kingdom of wicked spirits hungry for war. When Samba, his elder brother, suddenly vanishes from the village, Adama decides to set off in search of him. Accompanied first by Abdou, a tragically lucid griot, then by Maximin, a street urchin who is his own negative twin, he crosses a Europe in the grip of war. We’re in 1914. Borne by the energy of desperation and the poetry of childhood, Adama travels to the hell of the frontline in order to free his brother. Ultimately, Adama’s love for his brother will open an unexpected way to his initiatory journey.