The Bioscope Café specialises in pizza, toasted paninis, & salads. We have a full bar, so we’re talking cocktails, wine and bubbly, not to mention slush puppies and coffee offering. All of our food and drink can be enjoyed inside the cinema with convenient tables in front of you.

If you arrive late for a screening, we can also deliver the food into the cinema for you!

The Bioscope Cafe is here to cater for all our cinema events. When it comes to catering, we specialise in pizza here at The Bioscope. We would look to serve an assortment to the group where they can all take slices from different options. Doing pizza means it can come out fast and fresh, and we can stop the moment it seems everyone is satisfied, and we would only charge you for what ends up getting made. We then have a bunch of other cinema snack options like popcorn, whispers, cookies, and lollipops.