The Bioscope is happy to announce the return of The Joburg Film Festival, and proud to be one of the venues taking part. Here is everything you need for The Bioscope’s program.

20 – 23 November. Tickets are R60.



Wednesday 20 November

5:30PM. The Space – Theatre of Survival BUY TICKETS

Dir. Mark Street & Dan Poole

2019 || Documentary || South Africa/UK || 87min

The Space tells the story of the theatre and community that gave birth to some of South Africa’s most important writing and acting talents and its most significant works of protest theatre. Beginning in 1972, at the height of the apartheid struggle, the film presents a portrait of a country in which the non-white majority has been brutally silenced and racial tensions are at breaking point. Set against this volatile political backdrop, a group of artists risked everything to build a safe non-racial space dedicated to artistic, social, and political freedoms. Featuring Athol Fugard (now the most performed playwright in the world after Shakespeare), John Kani and Winston Ntshona, Fatima Dike, Nomhle Nkonyeni, Wilson Dunster, Percy Sieff, Richard E Grant, and many more, The Space is narrated by multiple-award-winning acting legend, James Earl Jones.


7:30PM. Keteke BUY TICKETS

Dir. Peter Sedufia

2017 || Family/Drama || Ghana || 1h38m

It’s the 80s rail service system, and the train is the only means of transport from the outskirts. A couple – BOI (Adjetey Anang) and ATSWEI (Lydia Forson) is bent on delivering their first baby in Akete but misses their first train. A wrong decision finds them in the middle of nowhere. Will they make it on time for the delivery, or, risk losing the baby and mother?


Thurs 21 November


Dir. Cris Azzi

2018 || Drama || Brazil || 1h30m

LUANA and EMILIA meet on the first day of their senior year at High School. The promise of an intense, fun and fiery friendship is interrupted by the leak of a sex tape on socialmedia. Luana steps into an oppressive reality, lonely and isolated, she chooses to be confrontational and audacious in her response to the world around her.


7:30PM. My Culture My Music BUY TICKETS

Dir.  Fanney Tsimong

2019 || Documentary|| South Africa || 48min

This soulful documentary illustrates how music has always been a powerful tool within South African culture. Connecting to the body and soul, healing and providing a sense of being; music connects people. There is concern regarding how South Africa’s colonial history continues to take away from culture and language but through music people are touched and reminded of who they are.  The connection between music and culture is expressed in this moving documentary where various South African artists narrate what music and culture mean to them. The artists featured in the film express their cultural heritage through their music.


Friday 22 November

6PM. Zulu Man In Japan BUY TICKETS

Dir. Nhlakanipho Mkhize

2019 || Music || South Africa/Japan|| 48min

Zulu Man In Japan chronicles South African superstar Nasty C’s journey to Japan. It unearths his desire to experience Japanese culture and compare it to his own. Nasty C totally immerses himself in the music scene, experiencing for the first time the mosh pit madness as a fan. Teaming up with notable Japanese artists in the studio, Nasty C churned out some amazing new music. His journey also takes us inside Japan’s authentic fashion world, music and art.


8PM. A Translator BUY TICKETS

Dir. Rodrigo Barriuso, Sebastián Barriuso

2018 || Drama || Cuba || 1h47m

The focus of Un Traductor is a little-known chapter in the history of Cuba, certainly one that went unmentioned in most obits for Fidel Castro: After the catastrophic accident at the Soviet Union’s Chernobyl nuclear plant, the Caribbean nation opened its highly regarded medical facilities to many of the Russian patients suffering from radiation-related diseases. When survivors of the Chernobyl disaster arrive in Cuba for medical treatment, a local Russian literature professor is ordered to act as a translator.


Saturday 23 November 2019

6PM. Bombay Rose BUY TICKETS

Dir. Gitanjali Rao

2019 ||  Animation, Drama, Romance || India || 1h 33m

BOMBAY ROSE is a beautiful hand-painted animation created by award winning animator Gitanjali Rao. A romance set on the streets of Bombay we witness Kamala and Salim’s quest for love in this chaotic and beautiful city.


8PM. Salvation BUY TICKETS

Dir. Carmen Sangion

2019 || Drama || South Africa || 1h40m

A young man on the run from the law goes in search of his estranged sister, a hopeless stripper discovers the son she never knew, and a priest suffering a crisis of faith reconnects with his spirituality.