The Bioscope is proud to welcome back The Jozi Film Festival.

3 – 6 Oct. Tickets R60




Thurs 3 Oct. 6:30pm. Little Ghost Goes Home (Spokie Gaan Huis Toe) BUY TICKETS

South African Feature Film. Dir. Robin Burke. 1hr3min. A requiem comprising 12 movements, Little Ghost Goes Home (Spokie Gaan Huis Toe) is a self-exploratory journey into the past, guided by the spirits of nostalgia. What we are yearning for no longer exists, either spatially or temporally. Remembering is fickle, and faces and names change with each attempt to capture a memory. Or was it a dream? All that remains is to wait, forever fixated on that which does not exist. 


Thurs 3 Oct. 8pm. An Ordinary People. GET FREE TICKETS

Feature Length Documentary – South Africa. Dir. Ernest Nkosi. 1h45min *free screening*. Car spinning Is South Africa’s first original motorsport, unique for its longstanding popularity, where hustlers and dreamers of modest means become heroes.



Fri, 4 Oct. 6pm. South African Short Films (Fiction). MORE INFO AND BUY TICKETS

1hr13 min

Miracle – Bongi Ndaba (24:02)

Axis Mundi – Sean Steinberg (23:53)

Isidima – Mlingane Dube (25:00)


Fri 4 Oct. 7:30pm. Someone to Blame – The Ahmed Timol Inquest. BUY TICKETS

Feature Length Documentary – South Africa. Dir. Enver Samuel. 54 mins. This riveting documentary weaves a compelling narrative that draws on the 2017 re-opening of the inquiry on the untimely death and brutal murder of the young Ahmed Timol in 1971. The young activist died at the hands of the security police at the John Vorster Police Station in downtown Johannesburg, framed by the police as a suicide at the time. The film follows on from Indians Can’t Fly (2015), a previous Enver Samuel documentary that deals with Timol’s life, his detention and his death.


Fri 4 Oct. 8:45pm. Golden Fish, African Fish. BUY TICKETS

Feature Length Documentary – Senegal. Dir. Thomas Grand. 60min. The Casamance region in the South of Senegal is one of the last area of traditional fishing in West Africa. Facing the growing menace of industrial fishing companies and overcoming very harsh working conditions, the fishermen of Casamance contribute to the food supply (or food safety) of many African countries. But for how long?



Sat, 5 Oct. 11am. International Short Films(Documentary). MORE INFO & BUY TICKETS


The Briefing – Filip Drzewiecki (Poland) (19:07)

Watching The Pain Of Others – Chloé Galibert-Laîné (France) (31:30)

iRony – Radheya Jegatheva (Australia) (7:53)

The Traffic Separating Device – Johan Palmgren (Sweden) (15:00)


Sat 5 Oct. 12:30pm. International Short Films(Fiction). MORE INFO & BUY TICKETS


War For Keyboard Warriors – Lam Can-Zhao (China) (2:27)

J Burg – Matthew Gouveia (Canada) (5:13)

The Cocaine Famine – Sam McMullen (Ireland) (13:06)

O.I. – N’cee Van Heerden (Canada) (18:40)

Pretty Pass – Evangelo Costadimas (Hong Kong)  (8:00)

Mariposas – Adrian Carey (USA) (3:00)


Sat 5 Oct. 2pm. At Jolie Coiffure. BUY TICKETS

Feature Length Documentary – Cameroon. Dir: Mbakam Rosine. 1hr10 mins. Sabine’s migratory journey begins in Cameroon in the recruitment agencies for housekeepers in Lebanon. Sabine stays in Lebanon where she is reduced to near slavery. She leaves Lebanon to Belgium. She arrives at the Matongé neighbourhood in Brussels where she runs a hairdressing salon until her situation is regularised. In this 8m2 salon, Sabine and the other hairdressers organise themselves and help each other to face the hiding. They work 13 to 14 hours a day under the threat of the patrol police and the eyes of tourists of all ages who look at them and photograph them as objects in the window.

Sat 5 Oct. 3:30pm. Aya. BUY TICKETS

South African Feature Film. Dir. Khalid El-Jelailati. 1hr4min. A story that follows the anguish and resilience of Aya as she is dragged through the hell of being trafficked.


Sat 5 Oct. 5:00pm. Nigeria’s Lost Generation. BUY TICKETS

Feature Length Documentary – Nigeria. Dir. Charlie Luckock. 58 mins. An ex-Boko Haram, a former kidnapped girl and a relentless activist, all three have something in common, a desire to see a Nigeria that’s free from insurgency. Nigeria’s Lost Generation captures their deep revelations at the hands of Boko Haram and a resolve to fight the group.


Sat 5 Oct. 6:30pm. South African Short Films – Fiction. MORE INFO & BUY TICKETS


Shaka’s Mask – Maishe Mosala (26:46)

The Turning Son – Thabiso Christopher (17:53)

Porcelain – Francois Nolte (15:00)

Cowboy Dan – Wynand Louw (22:36)

Life’s a Drag – Kate D’Hotman (13:00)


Sat 5 Oct. 8:30pm. (S)he. BUY TICKETS

South African Feature Film. Dir. Sean Steinberg. 53min. After qualifying to compete in the 2016 Olympic trials for swimming, Penny Kemp, an intersex teenager, is forced to undergo gender treatment in order to keep her high levels of testosterone at bay. To make matters worse, Penny is ostracised by one of her teammates after beating her out at the Commonwealth Games. (S)he is a coming-of-age drama that speaks to what it means to be a teenager, what it means to be accepted, and what it means to stand up for who you are in the struggle against prejudice and injustice.



Sun 6 Oct. 11am. South African Student Films. MORE INFO & BUY TICKETS


NomvulaAdvik Beni, Jason Maselle (14:39)

Mej. Twisfontein – Regardt Visser (24:00)

R.E.M. – Cara Leane Spence (12:00)

Beyond Repair – Chadlee Skrikker (12:00)

Sunset Exodus – Dylan Brokensha (12:00)


Sun 6 Oct. 12:30PM. South African Short Documentaries. MORE INFO & BUY TICKETS


Billy Monk: Shot in The Dark – Craig Cameron-Mackintosh (36:51)

Exorcist of Apartheid – Adam Heyns (20:00)

UnMasked: We All Breathe – Ashleigh Hamilton, Emma Watts (39:12)

Scenes From A Transient Home – Roger Horn (13:09)


Sun 6 Oct. 3pm. Freedom Isn’t Free. BUY TICKETS

Feature Length Documentary – South Africa. Dir: Ashika Soto. 1 hr 45 mins. Freedom isn’t Free assesses the history and role of the Freedom Charter, especially in relation to key political and socio-economic aspects of developments in South Africa since its adoption in June 1955 by the Congress movement, up to the present period. It includes rare archival footage with interviews of a cross-section of outspoken, influential South Africans. 


Sun 6 Oct. 5pm. Seapoint 280SL. BUY TICKETS

South African Student Feature Film. Dir. Gail Wyness. 45 mins. I used to be Sexy Legs , now I’m just Sex and Bad Language. In many ways you could say this is a “coming of old age” movie. Set over a weekend, it’s a short tale of a long-time sex worker and her sleazy friends surviving in the picturesque upmarket suburb of Sea Point.