A live talk on the mind-bending aspects of the universe and the minds that dare to study it, accompanied by a live musical performance.

Presented by Dr Luca Pontiggia, accompanied by Yasheen Modi on piano.

After two seasons of sold out shows, The Universe on Stage has been our most successful live show in the history of the cinema.


FRI 23 Feb 7pm SOLD OUT!

SUN 25 Feb 5pm SOLD OUT!

FRI 19 Apr 7pm BOOK NOW

SUN 21 Apr 5pm BOOK NOW


Dr Luca Pontiggia has spent most of his life asking the Universe questions around its existence. This led him to obtaining his P.h.D in String theory at 27, and now at 32, its resulted in Luca already giving a number of talks on aspects of the Universe that have inspired him the most. 

NEW SHOW: Unravelling The Universe

The Universe on Stage is back! Join speaker Dr. Luca Pontiggia and pianist Yasheen Modi as they reveal their latest production, ‘Unravelling the Universe.’ Come experience the greatest paradox of our Universe that makes us question our own reality. In this live talk, they explore the conflicting laws of the small and the large and uncover what it could mean to solve one of the most profound mysteries of our time. A brand new original score curated to enhance the mystery and wonder. 

Duration approx 50min

Original music by Yasheen Modi